Luxury Wedding Albums to Buy Online

We at Sterling Albums are passionate about that special day – the marriage of two people deeply in love, making a commitment to last a lifetime.  The photographer is there to document a moment that disappears all too soon.  And here we know that it’s a moment to be cherished, to share with loved ones, and revisit again and again.

Weddings, a profound celebration, a story of two people who have made a commitment and starting a new chapter in their journey together.  You have probably looked through countless photographer portfolios, asked friends for recommendations, to make sure your day is captured perfectly.   You want to remember them and an album is the icing on the cake.  A proud memoir that tells a story, your story, nestled on the bookshelf.  A great conversation piece, something to bring a smile on your face, just flick through one quiet evening. Something you will hold dear.

acrylic album cover close up wedding

We found that, unfortunately, there is a distinct lack in affordable, quality albums. And that’s where Sterling Albums comes in.  We wanted to make sure the moments are brought back to life in print, and not forgotten just because the albums were overpriced.  With us, you are in control. You can choose the design.  And if you choose, a designer can help make it all happen, with enough flexibility to suit any budget. What’s more, you can do it all online.

We wanted to make available a clear process and offer transparency.  Weddings are expensive enough; there are no hidden costs here! Just come directly to us – online, email or by phone, you choose.  You shouldn’t have to deal with stressful design decisions upon your return from a relaxing honeymoon, right?  You want it to be fun, not give you heart palpitations! We get it.

And it will all be worth it. When the creation arrives in its special box on your doorstep, you will have butterflies. Unwrapping that beautiful package that’s unlike anything else. Looking through your masterpiece, it will be with joy, laughter, and a lot of love. You will be transported back to that day, that moment, with the buzz in the air. We can and want to make that happen for you.

We had a vision that the wedding should last beyond the wedding day, that the happy couple can enjoy over and over again. Let us show you how; you won’t be disappointed.


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Sterling Wedding Album Cover