A warm copy fresh from the printer. The rutted surface of a child’s colourful birthday card. That familiar texture of a book that has been handed from generation to generation. The texture, quality and tactile sensations of paper massively alter our experiences.

Whilst the creation and design of your luxury wedding album are both very important, the raw materials are not to be overlooked either. We source only the highest quality materials to ensure that your album is stylish, sophisticated and durable.

Premium Fuji Archival Paper is used for all of our albums with 280 GSM – Grams per Square Meter thickness, printed on thick card for a rigid finish and available in a Matt or Gloss to match your personal preference. Our storybook albums are wrapped in high quality leather with a selection of colours available.  This archival quality material does not degenerate over time, maintaining its crystal clear definition and vibrant colours as the years pass by.

Capture lifelong memories on paper that lasts and lasts.

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